Bluetooth lego robot in box

New Lego Mindstorms Bluetooth NXT Robot Kit

New Bluetooth Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot Kit

Bluetooth lego robot in box
I have wondered for a while now why Lego has incorporated Bluetooth technology in to their Lego sets because of the vast potential and now they finally have in the form of the Lego Mindstorm Bluetooth NXT Robot Kit. robot option 2The kis comprises of lots of motors, gears, electronic parts and cams the can be assembled in a multitude of ways to build a large number of different robots, all of which can be controlled by the latest wireless Bluetooth technology.
To start with the kit can be a little daunting being faced with so many different parts like sensors that respond to touch, distance and sound and various motors to choose from. The Bluetooth Controlled Lego Robot kit also has a NXT controller box that is basically the brains of the operation that has 32 bit ARM processor, screen and 512 kb of memory. It will take you around 2 hours to create your first robot but its well worth the time. When finally assembled you can them move your robot wirelessly and pick up things with its claw. You programme it using a Mac or PC by compiling a list of actions, these take only seconds to transmit to the robot for it to move. 6 AA batteries will last about two hours.

robot controller

hudson reed shower panel



Thermostatic Shower Panels have a lot of great features like body jets which add a feeling of invigoration to your morning shower and they also come in an amazing array of really stylish designs and colours. Top brands to look for are Ultra, Hudson Reed, Milano and Pheonis to be really sure you are buying a Quality Thermostatic Shower Panel.

hudson reed shower panel


This is a shower panel by Hudson Reed, as you can see from the picture they look really modern, even futuristic. Hudson Reed Shower Panels really to exude quality and style in equal portions and come highly recommended by pretty much every bathroom store worth its salt.

wooden shower panel


These wooden shower panels are certainly different, they add an organic touch of style to any modern bathroom, especially if they are near the beach. i really prefer these wooden models to the more futuristic ones, i just think they are more fitting for a bathroom.

The Body jets on these shower panels have a pulsing massaging effect and are perfect for relaxing after a really hard days work or a tough workout down the gym leaving you feeling a lot more energised, every bathroom should have one in my opinion.



rear of kids electric ferrari

Licensed Ferrari F12 ELECTRIC CAR FOR KIDS


front of kids electric ferrari

This has to be the ultimate gift for any child, there very own Ferrari car they can take for a ride. This kids electric car is officially licensed by Ferrari them selves and comes with some really cool authentic features like working LED headlights, horn, realistic engine sounds when ignition is turned on, MP3 player, seat belts, 2 forward and one reverse gear and can even be controlled by the foot pedals or by the 4 channel remote control.
It has a 6v - 7 ah rechargeable battery and is suitable for children of 2-4 years or younger if and adult is driving with the remote.

rear of kids electric ferrari


The build quality is so much better on the licensed kids electric cars and this one is really exceptional, which is what you come to expect from a Ferrari licensed product and will make your kids the envy of the whole street. It has an amazing MP3 player and built-in speakers so they can go cruising with there favourite music on and also enjoy the authentic engine sound of a Ferrari when the ignition key is turned. These manufacturer licensed cars are also available from Lamborghini, Mercedes, Range Rover, Audi, BMW and Bentley to name just a few.

green waterfall style mixer tap


When we talk think about gadgets we do not really think of bathroom gadgets but these look really cool. These are not just taps, they are waterfall mixer tap with colour changing LED lights, they actually change the appearance of the colour of the water coming out of the tap. They come in some pretty amazing modern and stylish designs too.

green waterfall style mixer tap


This one really shows off how the colour of the water changes, these taps can easily transform any tired bathroom into a stylish modern one at very little expense thanks to one of these gadgets.

wall mounted tap with blue light

This minimal wall mounted tap has a light at the end that cleverly turns the colour of the water from Blue to Red depending on the temperature of the water, this is a really clever idea and i think it has an elegant appearance. A more simple design for those not so keen on the waterfall mixer tap designs.


This tap is my personal favourite, i really like the smooth pebble effect shape in contrast to the square shape taps, the green LED light is not too over the top as well and i think so i think it all really works very well together.

lego in box

LEGO Cargo Terminal City Airport 60022:



This latest offering from Lego will have your kids playing for hours on end, the kit contains a cargo plane, powered roller conveyor belt, control tower, forklift truck, Octan truck, ATV, 3 worker mini figures, pilot mini figure, controller mini figure 12 gold bars with 2 storage boxes and a pallet, a pallet with tyres, a pallet with 6 boxes, crow bar and a coffee cup.
The set includes five mini figures with accessories: a pilot, a controller, and three workers. Accessories include a pallet with two storage boxes and 12 gold bars, a pallet with tyres, a pallet with six cargo boxes, crowbar, and a coffee cup. The cargo plane features opening doors and tail, four engines, and a sleek design. Your kids will have hours of fun loading the plane with the powered roller plane rear opening



the amazing quadcopter with camera

This has to be one of the cheapest quadcopters with a camera on the market at the moment, it is also packed with an amazing amount of features. This 4-channel quadcopter comes ready to fly and is super easy to control, has an LCD display and can be flown indoors or out doors if it is not too windy and can even do somersaults. The six-axis gyro system makes it fly in a very stable manor and it also has a fully enclosed air frame for durability and weighs only 38g. It is charged using the included usb cable and would make an amazing gift, especially as it is priced at only £26.15! Also available in a selection of colours.

This represents amazing value for money

ROK powered roller conveyor toy

The Rokenbok Monorail Mania Set

Rokenbok Monorail Set

ROK powered roller conveyor toy

The Rokenbok Monorail Set brings train sets in to the future, this set will turn you child in to an engineer as he takes control of it, controlling the Monorail’s power dump bed, haul and dump you payload of ROK balls on to one of the powered roller conveyors and watch them travel around to finally get dumped in to the carts that are then taken away by the Monorail Train.
This is the beginning in to the ROK world where you can build on your set collection to include the Automatic Conveyor, Monorail train crossing, Sorting Chute, multiple loading docks and instruction plans and over 77 construction and building pieces. This is a great start for your children to get them thinking and interacting in this way for great future development.

green omaker waterproof bluetooth speaker

Omaker M4 4.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


green omaker waterproof bluetooth speaker

The Omaker M4 outdoor Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is currently the best selling Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon at the moment and for good reason. It has an impressive 12 hour playtime which you can use outdoors or in the shower, yes in the shower, because this speaker is also IP5 rated that makes is splash, dust and shockproof. It also comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that enables you to connect in just 3 seconds and has a range of 33 ft too. It re-charges in just 3 hours and will last 12 hours at 80% volume which is around 3 times better than similar rivals and also has NFC for tap-to-pair- syncing.
I think it is just the right size and has a stylish modern look and i like the green the one in the picture is in.





You cant really class these as gadgets but we think they are a selection of funny t-shirts, at they have a large range of fun and amusing t-shirts  from different career areas, the first ones we saw were nurse related t-shirts. We found these to be quiet funny but also important, nurses have a really hard job to do and are often way under paid for the work they do so we were pleased when we saw the slogans on the t-shirts. The first one say’s “doctors save live, nurses save doctors” we liked this t-shirt a lot as doctors seem to get all the praise and indeed the pay for the job they do and nurses don’t seem to get either.

The next T-shirt we liked because it shows the sense of humor that nurses have and indeed need to perform there job, the slogan reads “Feel safe at night,sleep with a nurse.” Nursing can be a very difficult job a lot of the time and if nurses did not have the sense of humor they do the job would be even harder than it is.


So please support our nurses by buying a nurse t-shirt and take a look at all the other great t-shirts on offer at* or by clicking on the blue link on the line above.



Gran Turismo 6 Pre-order Bonuses


Gran Turismo has been the leading consul car game for a long time now so there is a lot of excitement around the release of Gran Turismo 6 and if you pre-order it you get $1m in game credit and a 5 car bonus pack.

The new Gran Turismo 6 has 33 new tracks and over 1200 cars and 71 different layouts, it also promises a super realistic suspension, tyre and aerodynamic experience that is in a league of its own.

You can also create & customise your own circuit to race on in loads of great new locations and now you can also extend the experience to your Tablet, smartphone or PC as well. Another new feature is the ability to create and manage your own communities and events in game from local communities or global, expanding your gaming experience.

The 5 car pack includes:

  • R8 LMS Audi ultra Anniversary Edition
  • GT-R Nismo Nissan N24 Schulze Motorsport 2013
  • Stingray Corvette C7 2014
  •  GTS Viper SRT 15th Anniversary Edition
  • Model S Tesla Signature Performance 2012
  • You also get an amazing $1 Million in-game credit to spend on any cars you want

If you are looking to get Gran Turismo 6 on release day, which is 6th December 2013 then you need to pre-order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as pre-order slots are been taken at record rates right now.