lego in box

LEGO Cargo Terminal City Airport 60022:



This latest offering from Lego will have your kids playing for hours on end, the kit contains a cargo plane, powered roller conveyor belt, control tower, forklift truck, Octan truck, ATV, 3 worker mini figures, pilot mini figure, controller mini figure 12 gold bars with 2 storage boxes and a pallet, a pallet with tyres, a pallet with 6 boxes, crow bar and a coffee cup.
The set includes five mini figures with accessories: a pilot, a controller, and three workers. Accessories include a pallet with two storage boxes and 12 gold bars, a pallet with tyres, a pallet with six cargo boxes, crowbar, and a coffee cup. The cargo plane features opening doors and tail, four engines, and a sleek design. Your kids will have hours of fun loading the plane with the powered roller plane rear opening


Hasbro’s New furby Boom

pink furby boom

The new Furby Boom is set to break all previous Furby sales records, it is so much more interactive then its predecessor and comes has its own app. You can also encourage your New Furby Boom to lay eggs on your tablet or ipad which you then raies by feeding and playing with them. Furby Boom will also interact with other furbys nearby, they will talk to each other and also sing together. The more you play and talk with your Furby Boom the more laungage and games it learns. Available in  6 great new vibrant colors and they are sure to keep the kids quiet.
If you are planning to get your hands on one fro Christmas then you better get your order in super quick. If the old Furby’s are anything to go by the New Furby Boom is going to sell out all the way up to Christmas and will be very hard to get the longer you leave it.


Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

The NX4 Biometric Deadbolt


fingerprint door lock

The NX4 has a motorised operation, is very easy to use and even includes 3 Nickel plated keys as a back up, with this lock you will never have to worry about loosing your keys again and being locked out.
Its weather proof and also includes an Impact Alarm and is programmable for up to 99 users. This new offering from the market leader in Biometric locks unlocks in under 1 second with its ANSI grade deadbolt, works in temperatures of -30F to 150F and will open thousands of times on just 4AA batteries. No more need to leave keys with neighbours or family and you will never be locked out again.
The NextBolt is CE, FCC, ANSI and UL Certified and works with wood or metal doors of almost any size (up to 2 ” thick).
I think this is the way forward and can see this type of lock being a lot more common place very soon.

This lock is available from