green waterfall style mixer tap


When we talk think about gadgets we do not really think of bathroom gadgets but these look really cool. These are not just taps, they are waterfall mixer tap with colour changing LED lights, they actually change the appearance of the colour of the water coming out of the tap. They come in some pretty amazing modern and stylish designs too.

green waterfall style mixer tap


This one really shows off how the colour of the water changes, these taps can easily transform any tired bathroom into a stylish modern one at very little expense thanks to one of these gadgets.

wall mounted tap with blue light

This minimal wall mounted tap has a light at the end that cleverly turns the colour of the water from Blue to Red depending on the temperature of the water, this is a really clever idea and i think it has an elegant appearance. A more simple design for those not so keen on the waterfall mixer tap designs.


This tap is my personal favourite, i really like the smooth pebble effect shape in contrast to the square shape taps, the green LED light is not too over the top as well and i think so i think it all really works very well together.