Bluetooth lego robot in box

New Lego Mindstorms Bluetooth NXT Robot Kit

New Bluetooth Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot Kit

Bluetooth lego robot in box
I have wondered for a while now why Lego has incorporated Bluetooth technology in to their Lego sets because of the vast potential and now they finally have in the form of the Lego Mindstorm Bluetooth NXT Robot Kit. robot option 2The kis comprises of lots of motors, gears, electronic parts and cams the can be assembled in a multitude of ways to build a large number of different robots, all of which can be controlled by the latest wireless Bluetooth technology.
To start with the kit can be a little daunting being faced with so many different parts like sensors that respond to touch, distance and sound and various motors to choose from. The Bluetooth Controlled Lego Robot kit also has a NXT controller box that is basically the brains of the operation that has 32 bit ARM processor, screen and 512 kb of memory. It will take you around 2 hours to create your first robot but its well worth the time. When finally assembled you can them move your robot wirelessly and pick up things with its claw. You programme it using a Mac or PC by compiling a list of actions, these take only seconds to transmit to the robot for it to move. 6 AA batteries will last about two hours.

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