hudson reed shower panel



Thermostatic Shower Panels have a lot of great features like body jets which add a feeling of invigoration to your morning shower and they also come in an amazing array of really stylish designs and colours. Top brands to look for are Ultra, Hudson Reed, Milano and Pheonis to be really sure you are buying a Quality Thermostatic Shower Panel.

hudson reed shower panel


This is a shower panel by Hudson Reed, as you can see from the picture they look really modern, even futuristic. Hudson Reed Shower Panels really to exude quality and style in equal portions and come highly recommended by pretty much every bathroom store worth its salt.

wooden shower panel


These wooden shower panels are certainly different, they add an organic touch of style to any modern bathroom, especially if they are near the beach. i really prefer these wooden models to the more futuristic ones, i just think they are more fitting for a bathroom.

The Body jets on these shower panels have a pulsing massaging effect and are perfect for relaxing after a really hard days work or a tough workout down the gym leaving you feeling a lot more energised, every bathroom should have one in my opinion.