Gran Turismo 6 Pre-order Bonuses


Gran Turismo has been the leading consul car game for a long time now so there is a lot of excitement around the release of Gran Turismo 6 and if you pre-order it you get $1m in game credit and a 5 car bonus pack.

The new Gran Turismo 6 has 33 new tracks and over 1200 cars and 71 different layouts, it also promises a super realistic suspension, tyre and aerodynamic experience that is in a league of its own.

You can also create & customise your own circuit to race on in loads of great new locations and now you can also extend the experience to your Tablet, smartphone or PC as well. Another new feature is the ability to create and manage your own communities and events in game from local communities or global, expanding your gaming experience.

The 5 car pack includes:

  • R8 LMS Audi ultra Anniversary Edition
  • GT-R Nismo Nissan N24 Schulze Motorsport 2013
  • Stingray Corvette C7 2014
  •  GTS Viper SRT 15th Anniversary Edition
  • Model S Tesla Signature Performance 2012
  • You also get an amazing $1 Million in-game credit to spend on any cars you want

If you are looking to get Gran Turismo 6 on release day, which is 6th December 2013 then you need to pre-order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as pre-order slots are been taken at record rates right now.